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Welcome to Gallery Aquatica, your local aquarium store, located in the bayside suburb of Wynnum in Queensland, Australia.

Check out our latest arrivals in the Photo Gallery or come down to our store and be blown away by our range of marine fish and corals.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your sump equipment or your looking to boost the growth of your corals, check out our online shop for all your saltwater tank needs.

Meet our team and owners, two very passionate Marine Biologists, each with over 18 years professional Aquarium industry experience.

Cam, or better know around town as “The Fish Guy”, is a specialist in Aquarium design and maintenance. His expertise can help the novice set up their first marine tank to recommending new equipment for mature, established tanks.

Ania is a wealth of knowledge in regards to everything fish and coral.  Have a problem with your tank, something not quite looking right Ania is the best person to ask, and in no time your tank will be looking great.

As a team, we also make an enthusiastic effort to unite the reefing community and welcome all Australian Reefers to visit us and share their stories and experiences.

Our boutique marine aquarium store is located in the bay side suburb of Wynnum, Queensland and is owned and operated by two passionate Marine Biologists.

Gallery Aquatica is a proud advocate of supporting sustainable reefing practices, promoting aquacultured and propagated stock wherever possible. We specialise in sourcing premium ultra and export grade sustainably sourced corals and fish. We enjoy system technical troubleshooting and advanced water chemistry. It is our priority to provide top quality products, service and advice.

Additionally we offer the complete package of aquarium design, setup, installation, maintenance and natural sea water delivery services operated under The Fish Guy.

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Gallery Aquatica Wynnum

1 day 19 hours ago

Know that you'll always find a great range of Australian collected fish at Gallery Aquatica. Here's a spotlight on just some of the beautiful specimens in store right now!

Come on down and check them out yourself! Open Thursdays 10 - 8pm, Fridays 10 - 5 and Weekends 9 - 4pm.

Thank you to our wonderful friend Harry for taking the time to produce these captivating shots for us to share.

Interested online buyers, please note we intend to update each caption with name, price after we close for trading this evening and thank you for your patience. We are happy to try answer any urgent enquiries via PM as always,

Happy Reefing!

I have been a customer of Gallery Aquatica for about 12 months now.  The knowledge that Cam and Ania have is second to none. The range of fish and corals are amazing.

Gordon Bell

The second I walked in the door my jaw hit the floor! This is a reefers paradise, then to be greeted with the most friendly and helpful service I’ve had in a long time really capped off the experience. Walked out with an awesome little Goat fish which is already smashing food and settling right in.

Clinton Hooklyn

Gallery Aquatica is by far the best aquarium store I’ve ever been to. Ania and Cameron have great knowledge which they are more than happy to share, beautiful live stock and a vast range of dry goods. I wish I could rate higher than 5 stars!

Alice Butler