Cameron Tippett BSc – The Fish Guy

Who Is The Fish Guy

Meet Cameron Tippett BSc – The Fish Guy as he is known around town is the co owner of Gallery Aquatica which he opened in November 2014 with his partner Ania Nerowski, two very passionate Marine Biologists.

Cameron holds a Bachelor of Science in the field of Marine Biology from the University of Queensland.

“I have had fish tanks of some kind since my first tank in 1988, I used to breed crayfish thatYour local aquarium store I caught in the local creek.

I also had a tank with a sleepy cod, also from the same creek. My childhood was spent digging for worms to feed it, I even had it eating from out of my hands.  It even used to jump from the tank to catch the worms I was feeding it.  Amazingly it somehow always landed back in the tank.

I’ve been in the industry in some form or another since 1999.  Whether in a be working in a laboratory studying substrate ecology or working part time in fish shops.

My favorite fish is the Pyramid Butterflyfish.  I love the way they glide around the tank and the way their colours stand out. My favorite coral is harder question to answer, however, as I don’t want to be predictable. The Scrolling Montipora is a favourite as it has a great growth habit.  Especially when you have several different colours grown together, there’s nothing better than that.

Not many people realise that I once had a starring role in the hit Australian television show “Border Security”, and no, I was not the guy trying to smuggle rare coral.  It was actually shot during my time working with Australian customs.”

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