Ania Nerowski BSc

Who Is Ania Nerowski?

Meet Ania Nerowski BSc, Ania is the co owner of Gallery Aquatica which she opened in November 2014 with her partner Cameron Tippet, two very passionate Marine Biologists.

Ania holds a Bachelor of Science majoring in Marine Biology, Wildlife Management and Conservation Biology specialising in water quality management and conservation, which took her 9 years to complete, she was at university for way too long, just like Van Wilder.

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We Spent 5 min with Ania

How did you start in the aquarium business?

“I got my first fish tank when I was 4.  At one stage I had a total of 20 tanks in my house.  My passion has always been for marine life.  I had countless cash in hands jobs before starting my first professional job at the age of 17 in an aquarium store.”

What is your favourite fish and why?

“I love blennies as they have such a cute character, despite their lack of colour they make up for it with there cheeky personality and cute characters.  I also love wrasse’s and gobies, but my all time favourite fish are frog or angler fish.”

What about corals?

I love zoanthids, even though they are not technically classed as a true coral. I love their diversity and colour range, and they have a “you gotta collect them all” aspect. They are so easy to propagate, share and care for. Zoas are my number one!

What is a random fact about you?

Random fact is that I’m really scared of eyeballs! Some people taunt me with that and show me eyeball cartoons… Yucky!